Stitched and Ditched

Circle of Friends – Mirabilia 28ct Ametrine Opalescent Lugana by Silkweaver. Started May 2010.

Japanese Maiden – The Gold Collection by Dimensions. Started January 2005.

Enchanting Geisha – The Gold Collection by Dimensions – She is currently out for the UFO RR on Yuku. You can see her progress here. These two will be truly stunning in matching frames on my wall. I really can’t wait! I didn’t post a picture because my wonderful RR stitchers have been doing all the work so they should be recognized! Started September 2010.

Mother Moon – Joan Elliott 32 ct. Opalescent Ocean Belfast Linen – This baby needs over a dozen spools of Kreinik. I may not be able to afford to finish her this year! lol Started August 2010.

Marilyn Monroe – Vervaco My birthday start for March 2008

Live, Learn, Love – Lizzie Kate 28ct. Lavendar Sparkle Opalescent Cashel linen. Started June 2010

Something Wicked La D Da 32 ct. French White linen – Started September 2010

Roberta’s Cats biscornu – 14ct cream Aida using Threadworx colors. Started May 2010.

Teresa Wentzler’s Needle Guardian on 28ct opalescent light blue Cashel. This was the first project where I made no substitutions for specialty threads. I was so lucky that my LNS had the Dinky Dyes silk in stock! This was my birthday start for March 2010.

Blessed Be – Enchanting Lair 16ct. Green Apple opalescent Aida by Silkweaver using my own colorways in DMC, Kreinik and Blending Filament (argh!).

She’s been tossed aside due to Filament Frustration. I started it about a year and a half ago so that isn’t so bad. I’ll get her finished by this Halloween. *fingers crossed* Started June 2009.

Each Dawn a New Day from The Gold Collection by Dimensions – So close! Needs a lot of confetti and back stitching! This was one of the kits I started somewhere around 2002 or 2003. Your guess is as good as mine.

Live, Learn, Love kit – I have no idea when I started this one!

Girl on Swing from Britain’s No.1 Cross Stitcher on 28ct. Jamaica Sunset opalescent Lugana by Silkweaver using my own colorway in DMC, Glisten Gloss, Kreinik, Mill Hill beads, DMC Metallics. Started April 2009.

Dragon’s Lullaby by Dragon Dreams on 32ct. Castle Sky Opalescent Belfast linen by Silkweaver using some Kreinik and Mill Hill bead substitutions from my stash. I started this one in April 2010.

Round and Round

It’s been a busy (and slightly crazy) couple of months. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks to my buddy Measi I am participating in an UFO RR. I sent out my Gold Collection Enchanting Geisha.

She was a kit that I lusted after and was so excited to receive. After I parted ways with the friend who gave it to me I completely lost interest in working on it.

I wanted the finished piece as the companion to my Japanese Maiden but I didn’t want to work on it for the next year!



Here’s how I sent her out. I started the crane on the fan.

This is my first RR and I have been really uptight about messing things up.

I decided to do it since Measi was acting as moderator.  I knew I could talk to her about any concerns. We share a real life stitching group so she is accessible in person! 🙂

I was fretting since I have only been working on linen for about two and a half years and I still have not mastered having my back look like my front. Normally that doesn’t bother me when I work on my own pieces because no one sees it! With a RR – EVERYONE can see it! 🙂

I survived my first round of the robin. It was a really pretty piece from the Gold Collection called M’Lady’s Chateau.

The pic on the left is how I received it. It was a fun stitch – three strands over one on 14ct. Aida. The bottom shot is my progress before I sent it along. My goal was to work down the horse and complete the little girl. I did that and a bit more!!



I did have a little help working on the black section of the piece. Of course, my orange fluff monster chooses to “assist” me while I was working on black! She was exhausted by that day’s rotation of stitching. It was a solid 12 hours of working on three of my projects!

I have my second piece now. It is Lavender and Lace’s Angel of Spring.

It’s due to mail out on December 6th and I have only put about 30 stitches in it. It is a shame but I really lost my mojo on this one.

I’m not sure what happened but I think the combination of receiving the piece a week later than everyone else and working on a darker gray/blue 32ct has zapped my stitchiness. I plan on rectifying my lack of work on the piece this weekend. Almost the entire weekend is all about working on Angel of Spring.

Here is how she came to me. I will be working on the section of skirt at the lower right side. It’s a large section using primarily DMC 3756. It will be an intimate weekend with that blue hue as I have an ornie that requires about 60 stitches of it as well.

I’ll post a progress pic after the marathon is over. I am actually looking forward to it. I bought myself a new Q-snap on Saturday and I started my Netflix subscription back up! I will have the new Robin Hood and Prince of Persia to stitch along to in addition to any of the instant viewing choices.

Guilt free starts

This past Saturday I gave myself the luxury of a guilt free start day. I organized my WIPs and got together the materials for the UFO round robin I just joined.

I kitted up a couple of projects and started:
Something Wicked by La D Da

And Renne de Noel by Valerie which will be a reindeer ornie when I am finished with it.

The day was finished off with the gifting of some scissors fobs I made up for my Mom, my cousin and myself!

All in all a very nice day of stitching; well mainly organizing with a little stitching.