The Cost of Living

$100 for a new cat box that doesn’t have clumping litter and has a drainage pan to collect urine for glucose testing.

$30 for a month of glucose urine test strips.

$90 for wet and $60 for dry diabetic cat food for a month – DM brand.

Saturday during my diabetes class at the vet I get to find out how much the insulin, needles and sharps container are. I also get to learn how to give injections.

Extending Sparrow’s life?


Poor Sparrow.

My cat Sparrow is 10 1/2 and was in desperate need of a visit to the vet. I had noticed that her eyes were goopy and she was drinking (and peeing) an awful lot and was past due for her shots.

My last vet was a nightmare with her. She is, to be kind, a terror to take to the vet. She growls, bites, scratches, and hisses almost non-stop. The old vet was unkind and banned her from the practice.

I went back to the vet that spayed her and was upfront about her “attitude” about going to the vet. They said no problem, bring her in.

I went this past Saturday and mentioned that I wanted her senior blood work done. Luckily they were able to get her blood and urine samples before she freaked out.

And freak out she did.

When they brought me back to the room the had her wrapped up/strapped down in a blanket and I heard her growling before I even made it through the door. The vet couldn’t even listen to her heart/lungs because she was constantly growling. I escaped with one bite and a few scratches.

The vet suggested Xanax for the cat before she is brought back to the vet but didn’t ban her!! Regular old human Xanax. Well, I guess if it is good enough for me then it is good enough for her. I am to test out the dosages but I am to start her out on a half milligram. I busted out laughing and told the vet, “Hey, that’s my dosage”. The good thing is that I don’t have to buy the Xanax and can just use mine.

The vet also gave her a prescription for the conjunctivitis and suggested giving her a half tablet of Zyrtec because it may be chronic allergic conjunctivitis.

The bloodwork and urinalysis came back Monday night and she has a very high glucose level indicating diabetes. My whole future changed in an instant. The implications of this diagnosis are overwhelming. This isn’t a disease that can be managed by just a pill a day. This is daily injections and blood testing and special food and watching for hypoglycemia. At 10 1/2 she has a long life in front of her and I must do everything I can to keep her healthy. I’m nervous about the cost and nervous about the responsibility of having her life in my hands even more.

Summer 2013 163


My perceptions of who I am define me.

I am 41 and a half. That is a fact. I feel 10 years younger. That is my perception of my age.

I was diagnosed as bipolar in 2011. That is a fact. After a hellish two years and one ok one later; I feel normal again. That may or may not be a perception. I depend on my therapist and my doctor to help me find the truth in that one.

I have rheumatoid arthritis. I hurt. My fingers are deformed. I was 12 when I was diagnosed.

I have a new job as an executive assistant. I feel proud of my new job and pleased at the lower level of stress I have compared to my old job. I perceive I have quite a future at this new company.

I was out of work for just over one year. My perception is that I was let go because I am bipolar. I know I should have fought them but my perception was to feel shame and hide. I lost a boyfriend and friends to bipolar disorder. What did I care if a job was added to the list? Things worked out in the end thanks to the support of my parents.

I am overweight.Big fact. I still feel sexy. My perception. My boyfriend thinks I am very sexy. Fact! (Smile) But, I still need to lose weight for my health. Fact.

I have a bird – Bridget – and a cat – Sparrow. They make me very happy. I hope I make them happy too. I think my perception on this one is right on!

That boyfriend I mentioned, well, he makes me very happy too. He frustrates me sometimes but I love him. He’s bipolar too. What are the odds?? My perception was it was fate. Having someone in my life to teach me what life is like when you are bipolar has been immeasurable. Someone to make me happy has been priceless. Someone to listen to me and someone who sticks around during the rough times? Sigh. That means the world.

So these are some of my perceptions. Little pieces of me that float around and come out from time to time. They may not always be facts but they are truthful.

Thanks for listening.

Round and Round

It’s been a busy (and slightly crazy) couple of months. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks to my buddy Measi I am participating in an UFO RR. I sent out my Gold Collection Enchanting Geisha.

She was a kit that I lusted after and was so excited to receive. After I parted ways with the friend who gave it to me I completely lost interest in working on it.

I wanted the finished piece as the companion to my Japanese Maiden but I didn’t want to work on it for the next year!



Here’s how I sent her out. I started the crane on the fan.

This is my first RR and I have been really uptight about messing things up.

I decided to do it since Measi was acting as moderator.  I knew I could talk to her about any concerns. We share a real life stitching group so she is accessible in person! 🙂

I was fretting since I have only been working on linen for about two and a half years and I still have not mastered having my back look like my front. Normally that doesn’t bother me when I work on my own pieces because no one sees it! With a RR – EVERYONE can see it! 🙂

I survived my first round of the robin. It was a really pretty piece from the Gold Collection called M’Lady’s Chateau.

The pic on the left is how I received it. It was a fun stitch – three strands over one on 14ct. Aida. The bottom shot is my progress before I sent it along. My goal was to work down the horse and complete the little girl. I did that and a bit more!!



I did have a little help working on the black section of the piece. Of course, my orange fluff monster chooses to “assist” me while I was working on black! She was exhausted by that day’s rotation of stitching. It was a solid 12 hours of working on three of my projects!

I have my second piece now. It is Lavender and Lace’s Angel of Spring.

It’s due to mail out on December 6th and I have only put about 30 stitches in it. It is a shame but I really lost my mojo on this one.

I’m not sure what happened but I think the combination of receiving the piece a week later than everyone else and working on a darker gray/blue 32ct has zapped my stitchiness. I plan on rectifying my lack of work on the piece this weekend. Almost the entire weekend is all about working on Angel of Spring.

Here is how she came to me. I will be working on the section of skirt at the lower right side. It’s a large section using primarily DMC 3756. It will be an intimate weekend with that blue hue as I have an ornie that requires about 60 stitches of it as well.

I’ll post a progress pic after the marathon is over. I am actually looking forward to it. I bought myself a new Q-snap on Saturday and I started my Netflix subscription back up! I will have the new Robin Hood and Prince of Persia to stitch along to in addition to any of the instant viewing choices.