Curtain Complete

Having finished painting the dining room area in my apartment – including the baseboards and windows – I turned my attention towards the one large window on that wall.

Since I live in an apartment, half of the wall belongs to the dining room (with the window) and the other half to the living room (with a sliding glass door). I used the same paint color for the living room, kitchen and dining area to help unify things and make it seem bigger.

I used a beautiful True Value paint color called Del Rio (satin interior latex). It is a green toned gray/blue.I thought I would help make the spaces distinct by using different colored fabrics and accessories. I stumbled upon a pretty fabric last year in Jo-Ann Fabric’s and have been drooling over it ever since! It went on sale (it is normally $10 a yard) so I scooped up 2 yards!! It is Modern Heart from Legacy Studio.

I sewed up a simple “scarf” and used curtain clips to hang the valance. I was even lucky enough to find the curtain clips on clearance! They are the best thing for the simple home sewer like me. You just clip the rings on the fabric and Voila! you have a curtain!

I hung the rod about 6 inches over the top edge of the window and extended the rod 3 inches past the window on either side. This makes the room feel larger by showing more sunlight and tricking the eye as to ceiling height.

When I emptied out part of my sewing basket to get to today’s project, my assistant was at the ready to lend a helping paw.