Time to assess my current WIP’s and charts that have been kitted up. I don’t have that many projects that have been started. In fact, quite a few do not require much more work on them. I just don’t have the gumption to work on them.

I am hoping that displaying my projects will give me the chance to get excited about throwing them into my rotation.

I can’t beat myself up too badly because many of these projects were started when my interests in cross stitch were decidedly different.

When I first began stitching it was Winnie the Pooh, Disney and cheap kits from the store. Then I found Gold Collection kits from Dimensions and became obsessed with them.

I guess I thought decent cross stitch had to be large, intricate and densely packed with stitches.

Thankfully I shook those shackles off about 5 years ago!

Coming soon pictures of  the randomness that is my WIPs!

Oldies Part I

While organizing some photo files I saw many projects that have never seen the light of my blog!

We can’t have that now can we?

Many of these were given away and even more were gifted without me photographing them.

These shots are a little blurry because I didn’t have a working camera until three years ago so most were taken with my cell phone.

I loved this one. It was my first attempt at finishing a small. I used lavender swiss dot ribbon and tried my hand at my own backstitch font. It is also the first time I strayed from the colors called for on a chart *sucks in air* The Nerve! 🙂 I wish I still had this pattern book but I loaned it and a Christmas one to my sister years ago and they disappeared. 😦

This was my second free hand attempt. I made it for my nephew when he graduated high school. The school colors were brown and gold (gag) and our mascot was The Skipper, hence the nautical symbols. Oh, and I can make fun of it because it is my alma mater as well.


I adored these Joan Elliott fairies and loved making them into trinkets…

and bookmarks. Delightful story about these two is that I did not realize there were beading needles. I made these both on the same weekend. I put the tiara beads on by starting a half stitch, removing the thread from the needle, putting the bead on the thread, re-threading the needle and completing the half stitch.

I googled “beading a cross stitch” that Monday morning. Monday night I bought my first beading needle. *rolls eyes*

After making these Disney patterns I began to intensely dislike large lakes of color. It is something I have never repeated.

Snow White was finished into a tote bag. It was my first attempt at mastering a sewing machine. I didn’t try a second attempt for two years.

I enjoyed making this one as a gift but ended up getting to keep it for myself. I thought it would be tasteless to give to someone who had lost their home 😦

This disaster was my very first finished cross stitch. My Mom has an apple theme in her kitchen so I picked up this kit. I took it with me on a 20+ hour trip to China and taught myself to stitch. I will tell you that it is not easy for an inexperienced stitcher to thread a needle is harsh turbulence!

That’s a start. I don’t want to make this thing any more picture intensive!!