Dusting this thing off

No guarantees in how long I will feel like blogging again but after quite a long hiatus I have decided I have some things to talk about.  Instead of starting a new blog I thought I would resurrect this old girl.

Sabbatical Fulfilled

My last blog post was almost three months ago to the day. With so many personal and professional changes over the past year I needed to put somethings on the back burner while they were addressed.

Things seem to have hit a rhythm and I am slowing adding activities back to my daily mix. I am excited that blogging in now off the back burner and back on the menu. (Uncontrollable pun – I could not help myself).

Naughty Bad Blogger

Once again I have neglected my blog because of that silly thing called “real life”. In fact, I forgot all about poor bloggy baby until I was told that someone had actually READ it!

Imagine my surprise! Imagine my joy!

Oh well, what better way to revamp my life than to put my thoughts down for anyone to see!

I will be cuddling up with the laptop sometime soon as will post something weird and wonderful in the coming days.

I’ve embarked on several new artsy projects that will be a joy to share!!!

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger.

No posts, no pictures…hell, no readers 🙂

I will be making a much more concerted effort to be posting my projects and general goings on. I enjoy writing, I just haven’t been very in touch with my inner voice lately.

I have been working on beading Nora Corbett’s Halloween Fairy freebie from Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine’s September 2008 issue. She is almost done except for the beading of the moon.

Now that hockey season is upon us I plan to be in full-on craft mode again and get some serious stitching done!