Crucial Quotes #39


No truer words. I treasure the days I can dance and cut myself some slack on the days I need to hide from the rain.


A simple cross stitch giveaway

I have some unused charts and magazines lying around that I’d like to find a new home for. There are so many that I’ll divide them into two lots and select two winners. U.S. residents only as I’m trying to save on the freight. Enter a comment and be sure to leave your email address in the form so I can get in touch with you.
Magazines include Just Cross Stutch, The Cross Stitcher, Britains No. 1 Cross Stitcher, The Gold Collection, Crazy about Cross Stitch and so on. Good luck and have fun. I’ll draw and announce a winner next Wednesday 7pm.

Moscato is Marvelous

Simply enjoying my new wine find…pink moscato by Barefoot wines. Cheap ($11/bottle) and delicious. Two of my favorite

The moscato is sweet and crisp with a fruity finish. Not that I know ANYTHING about wines. I’m just telling you what I taste. And what I taste is yummy.

Cross Stitch Update – The WIP’s

persephonePersephone Mirabilia


Mother Moon Joan Elliott

1150329_10200392487364062_1269010048_n1093876_10200392384401488_314608686_oHolly – Nora Corbett

Fall 2014 015Queen of Freedom – Mirabilia

Fall 2014 012Letter L – Nora Corbett

Fall 2014 008 Who’s Got the Button – Country Cottage Designs

Fall 2014 010

Fall 2014 007 Santa’s Magic – Mirabilia Fall 2014 002


Cross Stitch Updates – The Finishes

Although I have not been as prolific as I was in 2011 I still managed to cross stitch while I was sick the past three years. Here are some of the finishes – or at least the ones I remembered to take a photo of.

417413_2643253849890_1639011979_n  Wee Little Stitches Dr. Who











Brittercup Designs Just Cross Stitch Christmas





Brooke’s Books Bride Heirloom Ornament Collection





Summer 2014 056


Stitchy Kitty Meowy HalloweenSummer 2014 055

The Yule Wheel – Designed by me!Summer 2014 053 Summer 2014 052


Keep Calm and Bergeron in honor of Boston Bruin Patrice Bergeron. Combination of a freebie and my design.Summer 2014 049 Summer 2014 048 Summer 2014 046Little House Needleworks Embroidery Guild


Poor Sparrow.

My cat Sparrow is 10 1/2 and was in desperate need of a visit to the vet. I had noticed that her eyes were goopy and she was drinking (and peeing) an awful lot and was past due for her shots.

My last vet was a nightmare with her. She is, to be kind, a terror to take to the vet. She growls, bites, scratches, and hisses almost non-stop. The old vet was unkind and banned her from the practice.

I went back to the vet that spayed her and was upfront about her “attitude” about going to the vet. They said no problem, bring her in.

I went this past Saturday and mentioned that I wanted her senior blood work done. Luckily they were able to get her blood and urine samples before she freaked out.

And freak out she did.

When they brought me back to the room the had her wrapped up/strapped down in a blanket and I heard her growling before I even made it through the door. The vet couldn’t even listen to her heart/lungs because she was constantly growling. I escaped with one bite and a few scratches.

The vet suggested Xanax for the cat before she is brought back to the vet but didn’t ban her!! Regular old human Xanax. Well, I guess if it is good enough for me then it is good enough for her. I am to test out the dosages but I am to start her out on a half milligram. I busted out laughing and told the vet, “Hey, that’s my dosage”. The good thing is that I don’t have to buy the Xanax and can just use mine.

The vet also gave her a prescription for the conjunctivitis and suggested giving her a half tablet of Zyrtec because it may be chronic allergic conjunctivitis.

The bloodwork and urinalysis came back Monday night and she has a very high glucose level indicating diabetes. My whole future changed in an instant. The implications of this diagnosis are overwhelming. This isn’t a disease that can be managed by just a pill a day. This is daily injections and blood testing and special food and watching for hypoglycemia. At 10 1/2 she has a long life in front of her and I must do everything I can to keep her healthy. I’m nervous about the cost and nervous about the responsibility of having her life in my hands even more.

Summer 2013 163