Craft Bags

I  mentioned that I like to sew bags. I like to sew other things but I’m not that good at quilts because I suck at consistency and sewing a straight line. I’ve made a table cover and some placemats and a valance with some success but on the whole, and as a newbie sewer, I’m just not that good at it. Except when it comes to bags. I seem to be able to hide my flaws in the small seams of the bags. Here are my most recent ones. I found some Disney Villainess fabrics (top and bottom pictures) that made some great bags and an upholstery fabric duo that made a super durable bag (the middle picture).1623773_10201402590216002_114142538_n

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Thank you Mood!

After furiously researching how to take my sister to the Fashion District in New York City as a Christmas present I abandoned it due to price issues. Taking public transportation in would be excessively pricey and neither one of us would want to drive in and handle the hassle.

I decided that bringing my sister to Mood would have to be replaced with an on-line order of one of the new Thank You Mood t-shirts and a tote bag as shown on Project Runway.

You see, I love Project Runway – Tim, Heidi, Nina and Michael are a delight – but my sister LOVES Project Runway.


But not in a sick, stalker way. She’s just a big fan and even has the series on DVD!

My sister was poking around on-line (having no idea I was looking to get us to the Fashion District too) and found a local group that runs a yearly bus tour to NYC’s Fashion District including fabrics stores and local eateries.

How amazingly awesome is that??!!! They haven’t announced the actual date of the trip but we will join the group now so we can get into the swing of things.

First thing tomorrow morning I will be mailing off our registrations to The Rhode Island Sewing Network. The next meeting in November 1st.

If we actually make it on the bus trip I have asked my sister to promise she won’t attack Tim Gunn if she sees him in person.

I don’t think I’ll be able to scrape together bail money right after the holiday season.

Yet Another Bag

Even though I have been absent from regular blog postings it doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to my eyeballs in crafty goodness!

First up is a big (15″x 18″) craft bag for my sewing/quilting loving sister. I loved the antique sewing machines and dress forms on the print but was not crazy about the color combinations.

I made due with the colors and chose a blue floral that matched the sewing machines to use as the contrasting fabric.

I loved the ceramic button I found in the exact brown shade. I really, really loved this button. It was very hard to part with it! 🙂


It’s 2am and I have finally laid down in bed. Damn step throat absolutely interfered with my plans for this week. I am finally packed for my stitching retreat (details to come!) But my house looks like it was struck by a terrible wind storm! 😀

Hope my cat doesn’t get into too much mischief while I’m gone. I also hope my Dad forgives my disheveled living room when he pops in to feed the cat!

I did manage to make myself a Q-Snap cover with the new birdie fabric I picked up last week from Joann’s. Picture below!

When I cleaned out my stitchy stash box my cat “jumped” right in to help! Ha ha ha (I’m tired so this amused me!)


Eat Your Heart Out Vera Bradley

After seeing so many craft bags around with patterns and quilting I began to have bag envy.

Let me explain.

I have a bag fetish.
Briefcase/laptop bags.
Electronics pouches.

It’s bad.

I can get a serious case of bag envy over someone else’s reusable shopping bags. I found myself rushing to Sally’s Beauty Supply and Joann’s just to get one of their pretty bags.

It’s a compulsion.

But it’s practical. I can put things in all these bags.

Stop laughing. They ARE practical.

However, even I couldn’t stomach paying $100 for a floral/patterned/quilty thing that still wasn’t deep enough to cover an 11″ Q-Snap along with all my other crap, I mean supplies.

The Swamp Yankee in me sometimes makes me frugal to the point of just being cheap.

For a cute (but exaggerated) definition of a Swamp Yankee look here or check out the Wikipedia entry for the genealogy portion.

I’ve done my genealogy back over five centuries and was surprised to see how much Swamp I’ve got 🙂

Back to my frugal nature…
I saw these bags and the Swamp Yankee on my shoulder (don’t know if she is the devil or angel yet) whispered in my ear “YOU could make a bag like that for LESS.”

Hmmm, why maybe I could. I have made my sewing machine my bitch and can actually sew a bit- that was all detailed in November 2009’s book post of my exorcising my machine sewing demons!

I started scouring the internet for free patterns but they all were wrong.
Too shallow.
Too narrow.
Short straps.

So I tried two patterns and HATED them.

Then I started playing around with principals learned on line.
Seam allowances.
Stitching techniques.
Then made my own custom design.

For around 40 bucks in supplies and more than a bit of trial and error I have my own craft tote bag!

😀 big smiles!

Not great pics. Once I fill it up I will post a pic taken with my new camera!


The Talents of my Friends

I am always thankful for the talents of my friends. I never cease to be amazed at the beautiful things they make using their imaginations and nimble hands.

Thank you to Jill for my wonderful new scissors case! I adore the kitties and the flowers (two of my favorite things)!

I just happen to have counting pins that match perfectly! What a great compliment to my new magnet board, Ott lite and Ott portable magnifier. The perfect accessories to make gifts for my talented friends!