Crucial Quotes #17

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”

– Audrey Hepburn (May 4, 1929 – January 20, 1993)

We wants it. We needs it. Part I

Too much Lord of the Rings movies lately?


Too much drooling over new stash I want.


“We wants it.” 🙂

Over the summer I picked up the pattern for Raise the Roof’s Witchy Washy

I love it for all its wonderful witchy-ness and tongue-in-cheek humor. After stalking RTR’s website I decided I would love to have the seasonal collection! This way I can enjoy them all.

My next stash goal will be to pick up Santa Clothes.

I am sure Turkey Dressing will be added at some point as well.

Some other goodies I have my eye on are Little House Needlework’s Little Women series. I am an absolute sucker for Little Women. I have a gorgeous, illustrated copy of Little Women from 1947 that my mother gave me. I have two copies of the movie – the 1933/Katharine Hepburn version and the 1949/June Allyson/Elizabeth Taylor/Janet Leigh one. The 1949 one is my favorite. June Allyson makes a delightfully spunky, effervescent Jo!

I am also drawn to

I already have two of Brooke Nolan’s witches – Fiona the Fay and Gwendolyn the Great and  her Spirit of America Angel.


so ends the drooling for new stash I want….for now.


I am not sure where my fascination with Marilyn Monroe came from. Too many musicals on the UHF channels on Saturdays as a child? Hearing Candle in the Wind by Elton John too many times on the radio in middle school? The 30th anniversary of her death when I was 19? Who really knows?

The tragedy of her life enraptured me enough that I wrote my developmental psych case study using her as my subject. The thing was such a joy to research and write that it was over 40 pages when it was finished.

The charm of Miss M still holds my attention today. My favorite movie of hers “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” has been in rotation on the cable movie channels and I watch it every time I see it is on. I adore it.

I recently found pictures of Marilyn putting on makeup or doing her hair and framed them for inclusion in my bathroom remodel. I have always loved the pictures of her caught unaware or doing everyday things instead of the high velocity sex pot shots.

While searching for my “bathroom” pics (which I’ll get around to showcasing here eventually!) I found some beautiful shots to share.

They struck me with their simplicity, honesty and heart.