My perceptions of who I am define me.

I am 41 and a half. That is a fact. I feel 10 years younger. That is my perception of my age.

I was diagnosed as bipolar in 2011. That is a fact. After a hellish two years and one ok one later; I feel normal again. That may or may not be a perception. I depend on my therapist and my doctor to help me find the truth in that one.

I have rheumatoid arthritis. I hurt. My fingers are deformed. I was 12 when I was diagnosed.

I have a new job as an executive assistant. I feel proud of my new job and pleased at the lower level of stress I have compared to my old job. I perceive I have quite a future at this new company.

I was out of work for just over one year. My perception is that I was let go because I am bipolar. I know I should have fought them but my perception was to feel shame and hide. I lost a boyfriend and friends to bipolar disorder. What did I care if a job was added to the list? Things worked out in the end thanks to the support of my parents.

I am overweight.Big fact. I still feel sexy. My perception. My boyfriend thinks I am very sexy. Fact! (Smile) But, I still need to lose weight for my health. Fact.

I have a bird – Bridget – and a cat – Sparrow. They make me very happy. I hope I make them happy too. I think my perception on this one is right on!

That boyfriend I mentioned, well, he makes me very happy too. He frustrates me sometimes but I love him. He’s bipolar too. What are the odds?? My perception was it was fate. Having someone in my life to teach me what life is like when you are bipolar has been immeasurable. Someone to make me happy has been priceless. Someone to listen to me and someone who sticks around during the rough times? Sigh. That means the world.

So these are some of my perceptions. Little pieces of me that float around and come out from time to time. They may not always be facts but they are truthful.

Thanks for listening.

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