Project: Do Me #3

My goals are being revamped (again) to help maintain my sanity. I need to think small so as not to feel quite so overcome. Things are awkward in too many arenas right now and my happiness levels are quite low.

Daily Happiness Goal:

I want to make time to do my Goddess Workouts each day. I didn’t get to them at all last week but have done a fair amount of walking so that has been a bit of a positive.

Weekly Happiness Goal:

I still want to be able to spread out my household chores so I’m not confronted with them all on Saturday morning. This week I need to be dedicating more time to stitching as well. I would like to have a stitching day on Saturday so I can rotate four of my projects during a 12 hour shift.

Monthly Happiness Goal:

My last Monthly goal is to significantly cut down (or out) processed foods. I didn’t do “great” with this last week but I am not going to beat myself up about it. That is the beauty of the monthly goal.

Yearly Happiness Goal:

My goal is to have zero unsecured debt by December 2011.


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