Project: Do Me #2

Daily Happiness Goal:

I failed miserably at last week’s Daily goal so I am continuing to try again this week to NOT BITE MY NAILS!

I also want to schedule time to do my Goddess Workouts each day (in whole or in part as needed). I notice a HUGE psychological difference for the better on the days when I make time for it.

Weekly Happiness Goal:

My last Weekly goal was to go into work early each day. Due to some changes in the workplace I will be abandoning this one. My new Weekly goal is have a better home schedule for chores and cleaning. I hate wasting the entire weekend catching up on things because the work week has been too frazzled. When at all possible I plan on working my office hours and attending to my home a little bit each night.

Monthly Happiness Goal:

My last Monthly goal is to significantly cut down (or out) processed foods. I didn’t do “great” with this last week but I am not going to beat myself up about it. That is the beauty of the monthly goal.

Yearly Happiness Goal:

My goal is to have zero unsecured debt by December 2011.


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