Project: Do Me #1

There was a definite Spring tinge to the air today. I noticed it first thing this morning and promptly threw open the windows and opened the slider to the deck to freshen things up in my house.

It felt renewing on multiple levels. I have been feeling particularly stagnant (much like the air in the house) and in need of a brisk breeze to blow it all away.

I neglected some of my stitching to work on my Do Me list. (If you need a reminder on what this project is about you can click the photo above.)

My “goals” tend to shift quickly so I can see numerous updates to this Project. I look at “goals” as a to-do list sometimes. I can’t have all these long-term or huge items in the mix. To be frank, I would simply lose interest.

Daily Happiness Goal:


In times of stress I rip them savagely from my fingertips. I do well for a month and then something sets me off. I am already insecure about the appearance of my hands and fingers.

The joints are beginning to show dramatic changes due to the rheumatoid arthritis I’ve had since age 12. I feel more content with my hands when my nails look nice. When they are bitten and ragged I feel ashamed when people look at my hands.

Weekly Happiness Goal:

Go into work early each day.

Things are a little crazy in the workplace lately. There are many meetings and little time for desk work. Too many illness and home issues kept me from my normal schedule of getting into the office before the “crowd”. The hour of peaceful and diligent work before the madness starts should go a long way to lower my stress levels significantly.

I was tempted to say I was going to install a deli case ticket dispenser at the entrance to my office in an effort at crowd control but I felt that was too extreme. I might be scolded for yelling out “Now serving Number 1” on Monday morning. 😀

Monthly Happiness Goal:

Significantly cut down (or out) processed foods.

The waistband on my favorite jeans is tight. Enough said. I have felt more like cooking lately and I would rather eat my own cooking than a fast food meal anyways. If work goes well then I won’t be having to grab quicky meals here and there.

Yearly Happiness Goal:

My goal is to have zero unsecured debt by December 2011. I am halfway there already and if I stick to my plans I will achieve this easily. I would have really enjoyed having all debt paid off but double car payments are not in my scope!



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