Project: Do Me

This weekend I was looking for daily/weekly/monthly blog topic inspiration. I do a quotation post on Fridays and enjoy it but I want a few more to pad out my posts. I have been poking around the internet reviewing other blog memes but nothing has really grabbed me.

Leave it to Measi to intrigue me with “Do Me” and “hockey” in the same blog post.

Faster than you can say “Slap shot from the point” I was over to Travel Babbles: Living the (hockey) life to check this all out.

I was thrilled to see Audrey Hepburn in the first paragraph. I just happen to be watching My Fair Lady right now!! Go read the post and see what you think!

Project: Do Me?

I’m in.

The guidelines are to write your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly happiness goals and update as they change.

I’d like to put some thought into these so will probably start for the month of March. This is especially fitting because I usually use my birthday month as the opportunity to reflect on my year and establish some goals.

Other people use the New Year to do this but I’ve always connected change (especially a change for the better) with the end of Winter, the lengthening of days, flowers and trees in bud, Spring, Ostara and my birthday (classic Narcissist, I know).



One thought on “Project: Do Me

  1. Measi says:

    It didn’t take you very long to hear those words, either. 🙂

    My list will get more thought starting next week – but I wanted my personal mental-health goals (which yes, sadly… does include cleaning my house) for this week.

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