Eat Your Heart Out Vera Bradley

After seeing so many craft bags around with patterns and quilting I began to have bag envy.

Let me explain.

I have a bag fetish.
Briefcase/laptop bags.
Electronics pouches.

It’s bad.

I can get a serious case of bag envy over someone else’s reusable shopping bags. I found myself rushing to Sally’s Beauty Supply and Joann’s just to get one of their pretty bags.

It’s a compulsion.

But it’s practical. I can put things in all these bags.

Stop laughing. They ARE practical.

However, even I couldn’t stomach paying $100 for a floral/patterned/quilty thing that still wasn’t deep enough to cover an 11″ Q-Snap along with all my other crap, I mean supplies.

The Swamp Yankee in me sometimes makes me frugal to the point of just being cheap.

For a cute (but exaggerated) definition of a Swamp Yankee look here or check out the Wikipedia entry for the genealogy portion.

I’ve done my genealogy back over five centuries and was surprised to see how much Swamp I’ve got 🙂

Back to my frugal nature…
I saw these bags and the Swamp Yankee on my shoulder (don’t know if she is the devil or angel yet) whispered in my ear “YOU could make a bag like that for LESS.”

Hmmm, why maybe I could. I have made my sewing machine my bitch and can actually sew a bit- that was all detailed in November 2009’s book post of my exorcising my machine sewing demons!

I started scouring the internet for free patterns but they all were wrong.
Too shallow.
Too narrow.
Short straps.

So I tried two patterns and HATED them.

Then I started playing around with principals learned on line.
Seam allowances.
Stitching techniques.
Then made my own custom design.

For around 40 bucks in supplies and more than a bit of trial and error I have my own craft tote bag!

😀 big smiles!

Not great pics. Once I fill it up I will post a pic taken with my new camera!


2 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out Vera Bradley

  1. Blu says:

    Very nice! The fabric is lovely.

  2. martina29 says:

    Thats a nice bag 🙂

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