The Talents of my Friends

I am always thankful for the talents of my friends. I never cease to be amazed at the beautiful things they make using their imaginations and nimble hands.

Thank you to Jill for my wonderful new scissors case! I adore the kitties and the flowers (two of my favorite things)!

I just happen to have counting pins that match perfectly! What a great compliment to my new magnet board, Ott lite and Ott portable magnifier. The perfect accessories to make gifts for my talented friends!



2 thoughts on “The Talents of my Friends

  1. Cute Caddy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who stitches while they watch Hockey! I love your Boston Bruins ornament. I’m a Penguins fan myself but I grew up in FL and now live in TN so I have only been to a Penguins game once when I was 14. We did go see Nashville play the Flyers (hubby’s team) when they came to town.

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