Crucial Quotes #7

Today’s quote is just a wonderful ramble from Eddie Izzard.

British actor and comedian (born February 7, 1962 )

To put the below in context Eddie is discussing Britain’s rampant colonization:

"So we built up empires.

We stole countries,
that's how you build an empire.
We stole countries
with the cunning use of flags.

You sail round the world
and stick a flag in them.

'I claim India for Britain!'

They're going, 'You can't claim us,
we live here. million of us.'

'Do you have a flag?'

'We don't need a bloody flag.
It's our country, you bastard.'

'No flag, no country,
you can't have one.
That's the rules
that I've just made up.'

It may be part of a comedy skit but the element of truth rings true and is not always as amusing.

Since the time of the Romans human nature has had ambitions of conquering the world. Americans are no better than the British, Germans or Russians over the centuries. We all have planted flags and made claims that were not ours to make.

Even on the moon; which is covered in jam.

🙂 You need to be an Eddie fan to get that last bit!


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