Happy Yule!

The Myth of the Yule Wheel

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. What an especially dark night it was with the Lunar Eclipse too!

On this night it was believed Frigga, Norse Goddess of love and motherhood, spun destiny on her wheel as she labored to give birth to Light from Darkness.

The Norse people called their festivities Jul (Yule), their word for wheel.

Frigga’s myths gave us two of our treasured Christmas traditions – wreaths and mistletoe. Evergreen wreaths were adapted from her spinning wheel as a symbol of the seasons’ cycles and the continuity of life.

Mistletoe’s white berries were created as Frigga cried for her son Baldur when he was killed by a dart made of mistletoe. After Baldur was restored to life Frigga blessed the mistletoe as a symbol of peace and love. She promised a kiss to any who passed under its leaves.

Enjoy this Winter Solstice cross stitch freebie. Download the pattern PDF here.

Unfortunately I did not get my model stitched in time for this post. A pesky bout of pneumonia interfered with that! I will post a pic of my completed ornament as soon as I find where I put the floss and beads for it! *grumble*


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