Now I am just being greedy…

more and more patterns I want to get

Art Deco Spirits by Mirabilia

I love Art Deco design and this design just smacks of perfection for me.


Queen of Freedom by Mirabilia

I have drooled over a number of the queens over the years but this one strikes that American Revolutionary chord inside me and could possibly hold my interest to completion.

Shakespeare’s Fairies by Mirabilia

I adore Shakespeare. I took two semesters of Shakespearean Literature in college.

For fun.

I also took Genetics as an elective so that puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

After seeing the bead packs required to complete these ladies this one may remain on my drool list for quite some time as it is one of the more expensive overall designs I like.


2 thoughts on “Now I am just being greedy…

  1. Measi says:

    I have the latter two. 🙂 Shakespeare’s Fairies is planned as one of my Guilt Free January starts.

    • Guilt free January may have to be something I participate in. Right now I am working on some blog entries of my current WIP’s as well as my stash patterns.

      This way I can really get a grasp on what I need to work on and what I really want to start.

      I can already guess what a guilt free start for January would mean for me. My HAED The World tarot pattern.

      Otherwise that start would elicit tremendous guilt.

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