We wants it. We needs it. Part I

Too much Lord of the Rings movies lately?


Too much drooling over new stash I want.


“We wants it.” 🙂

Over the summer I picked up the pattern for Raise the Roof’s Witchy Washy

I love it for all its wonderful witchy-ness and tongue-in-cheek humor. After stalking RTR’s website I decided I would love to have the seasonal collection! This way I can enjoy them all.

My next stash goal will be to pick up Santa Clothes.

I am sure Turkey Dressing will be added at some point as well.

Some other goodies I have my eye on are Little House Needlework’s Little Women series. I am an absolute sucker for Little Women. I have a gorgeous, illustrated copy of Little Women from 1947 that my mother gave me. I have two copies of the movie – the 1933/Katharine Hepburn version and the 1949/June Allyson/Elizabeth Taylor/Janet Leigh one. The 1949 one is my favorite. June Allyson makes a delightfully spunky, effervescent Jo!

I am also drawn to

I already have two of Brooke Nolan’s witches – Fiona the Fay and Gwendolyn the Great and  her Spirit of America Angel.


so ends the drooling for new stash I want….for now.

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