Frustrations Abound

After a more-than-slightly annoying day in the office I came home to discover that my tv had died. The two year old set refused to power on.

A phone call (on the new phone that replaced the 18-month-old BlackBerry that had died) to Vizio Customer Support informed me that the hdtv was dead and since it was three months out of warranty there was nothing Vizio could or would do.

I was referred to a repair shop for the power issue. I was told this was a issue they were familiar with and the charge would be $300 to fix plus shipping to and from their shop in Chicago.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor I politely ended the call. Immediately I called my Mom to whine about the disgusting customer service at Vizio. Who knew hdtv’s were disposable!?!?!?

I did a little light Googling to see if anyone else had experienced something similar and I found hundreds of user reviews starting my exact experience today. When I first purchased the set I performed my due diligence to ensure customer reviews were satisfactory. At that time they were but what a difference two years makes.

I read through page after page of frustrated consumers who received no customer service and only references to overpriced repair shops. While it was nice to know I wasn’t alone it just served to remind me how NOT to treat customers.

Not only am I an unhappy Vizio customer, I am an unhappy customer with a big mouth who has no guilt in sharing her experience with a small slice of the world. I won’t be giving any more of my hard earned disposable income to Vizio and I encourage others to research customer satisfaction before committing to their products.

Two years ago the Vizio VX32L was a premier product reasonably priced at $599. Today it is a discontinued product, unsupported by Vizio Customer Support and a 20 pound silver and white paperweight.


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