Birth of Hera

Hera, if you do not already know, was a Greek Goddess.

She was the wife of Zeus and Mother of Ares, God of War.

Her name means Great Lady and she is the embodiment of the Great Goddess, Mother of the World.  She was Queen of  Heaven and Queen of the Gods.

I am just a woman.

Yet, like Hera I share a tempestuous nature, fierce loyalty, an agile mind and a belief in honesty.  I embrace the strength and sexuality that is inherently female.

To me Hera is the embodiment of woman. Protector of the hearth and home but not subjugated. Intelligent and beautiful but not without her character flaws. Ambitious and accomplished. Honest and truthful.

This is my place to explore all of those things that make me the woman I am. The beautiful and the ugly. The petty jealousies and kind humanity. My dark and my light. Hope and despair. Joys and sorrows. All facets of Hera chronicled here.

I will remind myself that I am a simple mortal woman. When Hera smacked the ground with her hand a child sprang from the Earth fully grown. When I do that, I only hurt my hand. I am not a goddess but I can play one in this blog.

Gustave Moreau’s The Peacock complaining to Juno 1881

(Juno is the Roman name for Hera)


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