"C is for Cookie" – Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster was always one of my absolute favorites on Sesame Street.

He is tied with Ernie (Rubber Ducky!!) and the Count (Ah-ha haha!) I had a series of Sesame Street books my Mom bought me at the supermarket when I was in kindergarten (actually I still have them packed in my closet – they are one of my treasured possessions). Every week or so a new volume would be available and if I was a good girl I got the next one. I have the whole set so I must have been a good girl or Mom cut me some serious slack.

Any-who this blog is really about COOKIES and not my reading habits as a child.

Cookie Monster was a frequent “contributor” in these books and he would submit super yummy, kid friendly cookie recipes I could make with my Mom. This was one of my first exposures to recipe reading and it was great. Mom and I would carefully follow all the instructions and put together some great tasting snacks. The books were also filled with crafts that we would make and thinking back maybe this is why I am a crafty-baker kind of gal today!

The Holiday season was always full of baking in my house. There were the obligatory sugar cookies by the hundreds! My older siblings Chris, Tammy and I (I am the baby!) would take turns cutting out the cookies with a huge assortment of cutters. There would be sugar all over the floor and cookie dough in the seams of the kitchen table but Mom was a trooper and let the kids have at the baking.

Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal scotchies, gingerbread, banana bread, pies – yum – simple, wholesome, comfort foods!

Then there was the fudge….

Fudge that is surely responsible for at least 65% of the cellulite on my body.

Sweet, creamy, milk chocolately fudge that tasted amazing for breakfast on Christmas morning. 🙂

Mom made the best fudge, hands-down that I have ever had and trust me, I’ve had a lot of fudge.

She handed the “fudge-making-reigns” to me a few years ago and I love having a super-duper family recipe secret. I think it’s funny to hear my nieces and nephew talk about Auntie’s fudge because in my mind (and heart) it’s Mom’s fudge!

I know everyone has their own cookie and baking traditions for this wonderful time of the year but I wanted to share a great link to the Food Network’s Twelve Cookies of Christmas website. I subscribe to the emails and get a new one for each “day” of cookies. I hope some great inspiration can be gotten off of here. I love poking around for ideas!

Twelve Days of Cookies

I was just going to simply post the link but when I went to title the blog the whole “C is for Cookie” sprang to mind and I immediately thought of the cookie recipes written by Cookie Monster in my books and thus an actual posting was born. And anyway, me like cookies too!!! nom nom nom


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