Book Challenge

My friend Stacy told me about a challenge that would require reading 50 books in a year, keeping track of books read and blogging about them if you choose to. The idea sounded wonderful but I was rather curious about whether it was an organized group or not. From what I found it is indeed an actual Book Challenge!

I am not very interested in posting to a group about the books I have read but I am more than willing to participate in it on my own blog since I can always use a little help in finding blog topics!

So here is my very own Fifty book challenge, marathon, read-a-long, whatever you would like to call it.

I decided to move my start date back to July of 2009 since I have read an absolute pile of books since then. To date here are my books, starting with the ones I am currently “Reading”:

The Associate – John Grisham  – This one is very good so far. A nice, easy read with a mild thriller story line. I love legal stories so any JG novel is a pleasant escape for me.

The Other Queen – Philippa Gregory – Do Audiobooks count?? I am going to say they do because I am still comprehending the storyline and vocabulary even if I am using my eyes to cross stitch

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon – I am about half way through this densely written historical novel and must admit I have followed my Mom and become an admirer of Jamie Fraser. I’d like to be made to call him Master any day *giggle*

Celtic Goddesses – Not sure of the author on this one. I may abandon reading this one unless it begins dealing with the subject matter in a more enjoyable way

All Together Dead (Southern Vampire Series) – Charlaine Harris – The 7th Sookie Stackhouse book is still enjoyable but needs more of Eric the Vampire!


Books 2-4 of the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers

(1/50)New Moon LOVED this one. I enjoyed the werewolf lore immensely! Was upset at the portrayal of a teenage heroine as so wishy-washy in regards to living through her boyfriend.

(2/50)Eclipse – Nothing really stood out in this book for me. I waited a while before I even bothered to pickup Breaking Dawn. When I finished New Moon I was so jazzed about reading the next installment. This one left me kind of cold.

(3/50)Breaking Dawn – The ending was wrapped up rather quickly I thought but I enjoyed the details that went into Bella’s change. It was a thrilling section to read and did appreciate the effort to bring the reader into the minds of two of our characters.

Books 1-6 of the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris

(4/50)Dead Until Dark – Since I had already seen Season 1 of HBO’s True Blood before reading this there were few surprises (except for my tv fav Lafayette) but I am glad I took the time to read the series from the beginning.

(5/50)Living Dead in Dallas – Season 2 was based on this book so there were few surprises as well but I enjoy being inside Sookie’s head much more than watching all the characters on the screen.

(6/50)Club Dead – Green eyed, black-haired werewolves make my day!

(7/50)Dead to the World – *fanning myself* oh my! Can’t wait for a particular shower scene in Season 4 on HBO. Can I say again how much I love Eric the Vampire?? I really do, he is cocky and arrogant and I love it! I wish we could skip Season 3 and go right for 4!!

(8/50)Dead as a Doornail *yawn*

(9/50)Definitely Dead Loved learning more about Sookie’s family and the Queen of Louisiana whom I picture more as the HBO True Blood version than the exact depiction in the novels.

(10/50)The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield This was an engaging gothic novel with some page turning surprises but I felt that the ending was very rushed and that many plot points were conveniently tied up in neat packages so they could be put away. The ending was disappointing but the story was nice while it lasted.

So I have completed 10 of the 50 books and have another 5 in the works. I hope to see some other blogs taking this up. I love books and reading and can’t wait to see what you guys are interested in!


2 thoughts on “Book Challenge

  1. pixini says:

    I have been eyeing The Associate for awhile, as I love John Grisham. I REALLY love John Grisham; and when I have one of his books in my hand, I am up all night and every night thereafter until the book is finished.

    The Twilight Series…hmmm…I have to agree with you. I absolutely loved Twilight. I was so transfixed by Edward’s perfection that when I finished the book and came back to the “real world”, I was disappointed with it.

    New Moon was pretty good, as I enjoyed getting to know Jacob. My stomach literally hurt for the entire book, however, after Edward breaks up with her.

    Eclipse was bad, in my opinion. Bella’s “love” for these two creatures gives me a headache because she can’t make up her mind about anything; and the sexual tension goes overboard.

    Breaking Dawn—FINALLY! I loved this book, though I can’t believe it took that damn long for the two of them to figure out what was already so obvious in the beginning. I agree with you the ending was abrupt, and I remember thinking when I finished it, “is that it?”

    My “issue” with the whole Twilight series is Bella. I realize she’s a teenager; but she’s a real dolt. I don’t think I would fainting everytime Edward kissed me. I’d be very concious! Trust me! And if a half naked hottie werewolf wanted to be with me and I thought my hot vampire boyfriend left me….um…..where’s the dilemma here? LOL.

    Twilight is one of the ONLY times I can say I think the movies are better. I like seeing Edward and Jacob for obvious reasons; but I understand Bella better. Kristen Stewart does an amazing job expressing the character with her eyes.

    LOL I could talk Twilight stuff all day.

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