Frame Felicity

Mom and I headed out yesterday in search of a frame for her Gold Collection Santa Stamp she finished a few years ago. We went to Joann’s Fabrics since we each had coupons (20% off our entire purchase -including sale items!!) to use.

After finding a few treasures to tuck away for Christmas presents we stopped by the DMC display to gather supplies for assorted projects. Mom kitted up Joan Elliot’s Victorian Lady and I picked up a few missing skeins – two for Blessed Be and two for Circle of Friends.

We then headed to the frame aisles to search for just the right 11”x14” frame for Santa. Mom found a gorgeous pecan colored carved wooden frame that looked just right with Santa. He’s going to look fantastic!

I started joking with Mom that I should really frame up my Halloween Fairy. I had finished her in time for Halloween but wasn’t able to get it pressed and framed in time for the “big day”. Instead, I taped it to my living room wall with a few pieces of masking tape!

It’s the thought that counts, right?

I said to Mom that being taped to the wall wasn’t a fitting tribute for my first 32ct. linen finish and maybe I should get her a frame! I glanced around at the frames but really didn’t have $30 or $40 to spend on a frame.

It was when I began to tell this money concern to Mom that I saw it.

Chunky frame.

Glossy wood.


Dark with a hint of metallic.


Just like my Precious Metals Silkweaver linen I stitched her on. Copper and gold swirls of subtle color are all over the opalescent fabric. It’s a little too subtle to show up on camera but in person it is quite pretty.

Oh shit! I needed this $30 frame. I took it off the shelf with my jaw slack and mouth-breathed while my tongue lolled out.

I turned to Mom and said “Isn’t it perfect for her?” as I wiggled it under the fluorescents to make the copper accents glint.

She agreed and then reminded me that the frames were on sale – 50% off…..and I had a coupon!


I checked the back to see how the backing was attached and it was exactly what I needed! I buy pre-made frames and take the glass out and the back piece off. I mount my project on the same size sticky back foam board as the frame and then just pop it in the frame.

The best type of frames for this are the ones with the metal tabs that fold down over the back piece. Then I use fabric or felt to cover the back of the foam board and “ta-da!” instant stitching frame!

My frame ended up costing $12.46 plus tax! Mounting board was $4 (after another coupon at a different store)! Now, if I can find the time to press and frame her up I’ll be ecstatic!


One thought on “Frame Felicity

  1. Measi says:

    She is so adorable! I'm heading up to Hoops & Needles in Walpole tomorrow. I may see if this pattern's in stock (now possibly discounted post-Halloween?)

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