Saturday was Pre-Season hockey night in Boston!

The Bruins lost but the boys played pretty well; with lots of heart (which I love).

The officiating favored the visiting team (Columbus Blue Jackets) just ask the 17,000 people booing in the Garden!

Best part of the game, hands-down, was my partner for this adventure – My Dad!

I bought him (and myself) a mini-season pack of tickets to the Providence Bruins for Father’s Day. One of the perks to the package was a pair of vouchers for a Boston Bruins game.

Now Dad and I figured that we would have shit seats up in the balcony for some Thursday night that we couldn’t get to Boston. I was surprised to learn that the vouchers were only good for a pre-season game. We had a choice of a game last week against the NY Rangers and the one we picked against Columbus. Dad and I saw the Rangers this past April so it was time to try a new team.

I was shocked when I found out that our vouchers had landed us in the 11th row right behind the visitors goal. We’ve never sat on that side of the arena. I prefer to watch the spectacular goal tending and devastating body checks down in my own end, but it was excellent to watch our boys on the forecheck! Can you say Milan Lucic? *sigh*

Here’s a pic of two of my fav boys – Milan Lucic (#17 on the Left) and Tim Thomas (the one with all the pads on).

I didn’t get a lot of great pics during practice because we were on the wrong end of the ice and I didn’t take snaps during the game because I wanted to really enjoy the game with my Dad.

And enjoy I did. Last season was the first year that Dad was really into hockey as much as I am. Dad has always enjoyed the game and rooted for the home team but he hasn’t been a big fan since the 70’s and the hey-day of Mr. Bobby Orr.

I am pleased that it has been almost 2 years that my Dad and I have been able to share this together. Dad and I have tickets to the Providence Bruins season opener on Sunday. I am going to miss my fav player in Providence – Vladimir Sobotka – since he has been moved up I-95 to the Big Club.

I call Sobotka a “weeble-wobble” because weebles are so little and they wobble but don’t fall down. Sobotka is small for a hockey player but he is fierce on his skates and doesn’t shy away from the big hits and never seems to get knocked off his damn skates!.
I am rooting for him to make a big impact in Boston and help get the wins in the tough games.

I am always disappointed when my boys don’t get the “W” but it doesn’t matter if we win or lose because as long as I have my best hockey buddy with me, I always come out on top.

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