Purple Girl

I finished “Venetian Girl with Mask” by Solaria Gallery last month. I have affectionately called her Purple Girl for the nine months that I worked on her amid other projects.
I saw her in the freebie section and just knew she was the perfect project to make for my niece. I made it nice and easy on myself and stitched it up on 14-count White Aida. I liked the starkness of the white cloth with the purple jewel tones and the black.
She framed up nicely in a big, black chunky frame with a lot of the white cloth acting as a mat. Struggling to fit the padded board into a store-bought frame I realized how much I need to learn how to make my own frames!
My Dad has the knowledge if only I had my own workspace so I wouldn’t have to commandeer his basement and his tools.
Today was my niece Amy’s birthday party so I was able to give her the hand-made gift picked especially for her! And since she has seen it that means that I can post it on-line now!
Happy 19th birthday Amy!


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