New Hampshire Week Part I

Last week was my first real vacation since 2002! My company owns a condo in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and I decided to actually use one of my company perks for a change.
Due to some scheduling issues I had to head up on Saturday the 25th by myself to check-in. I packed a cooler with some Cokes and loaded my ipod with crazy tunes only I would like. I know for sure that my boyfriend would not have been pleased to listen to “Once More with Feeling” cast recording from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical or “The Boy from Oz” with Hugh Jackman for almost four hours.

The drive was relaxing and when I pulled into the resort I was thrilled to see a huge lake and a very quiet, idyllic setting. When I checked into my two bedroom, two bathroom suite I was even more thrilled to find a jacuzzi tub in the master bath. I quickly unpacked the groceries I had brought for the next week and was soon relaxing in the mad swirls of water with my copy of Eclipse to read.

As much fun as it was to have the tub to myself it was much more fun to go up with my boyfriend Paul and his three kids (ages 7 -11). All we told them is that we were going to a water park and the rest of the trip was a surprise!

To be continued…

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