Crucial Quotes #42


This quote brings a tear to my eye every time I read it. A few years ago that may not have been the case but since being diagnosed as bipolar and realizing that I have a dragon to slay it is touching to realize that my epic childhood tales prepared me for the idea that I am capable of slaying that dragon and staying as healthy as possible.

Craft Bags

I  mentioned that I like to sew bags. I like to sew other things but I’m not that good at quilts because I suck at consistency and sewing a straight line. I’ve made a table cover and some placemats and a valance with some success but on the whole, and as a newbie sewer, I’m just not that good at it. Except when it comes to bags. I seem to be able to hide my flaws in the small seams of the bags. Here are my most recent ones. I found some Disney Villainess fabrics (top and bottom pictures) that made some great bags and an upholstery fabric duo that made a super durable bag (the middle picture).1623773_10201402590216002_114142538_n

1620955_10201402483573336_878697584_n 1013306_10201405265282877_1730806667_n

My First Columbus Day Weekend

Believe it or not I haven’t had a Columbus Day off from work since I was 16 years old and  got my first job.

For the past 15 years I worked for a company that had very few paid holidays. That changed when I was let go from my last position and found my current one. At FGX International they like their holidays. I will even have Good Friday off. I am blown away by the holiday and paid time off package I still can’t believe it when I think about what I put up with for 15 years.

I made sure that I spent my first Columbus Day weekend thoroughly enjoying myself. First up was a much needed haircut. Well, more like a much needed trim. My hair is pretty damaged from a flat iron I had gotten for free as a sample from my last job. I thought it worked great – my hair was straight – until it started breaking apart in my hands. I lost chunks of hair from different areas around my head and they are finally starting to fill back in, to my great relief. Kudos to my amazing hair stylist Magan who made me look normal this whole time through her crafty cutting.

After my cut I went to pick up my sister to spend the day. We ended up at On the Border for some Mexican and at Jo Ann Fabrics for some new fabric. I love to make bags and picked up some cool fabric to make my niece a craft bag for Christmas. My sister got some awesome, wild greens and blues to make an Irish Chain quilt.

We then headed to see Ben Affleck (yum) in his new movie Gone Girl but the 2:30 showing was sold out. No big deal, right? Just go to the next show, right? But that would have put it well past 6pm when the movie let out and I needed to be home by 6 to give Sparrow her insulin shot.


Luckily, my sister understood and I offered an alternate idea – we could get our nails done. The girly idea sat just fine with my sister so we headed to a local nail salon. I was very impressed with the price, the cleanliness, the workmanship and the polite service. I brought my own polish – OPI’s Muir, Muir On the Wall – a brown-plum color perfect for fall. I also got acrylic nails because my fingernails were bitten to shit and it wasn’t worth paying for a manicure on them.


Sunday I was inspired to start Nora Corbett’s The Letter M for a gift for my Grandmother for Christmas. I did not have all of the Crescent Colors and beads for the design (and I wasn’t that crazy about the colors for my Gramma) so I changed the colors. I used some minty Crescent Color greens for the dress and the 552/553/554 DMC purple colorway for the letter M – perfect Gramma colors. I had matching beads and the same colors and Kreinik for the wings.

Here is the original design:

The letter m

And here is the start of my conversion on Silver Mist fabric by Silkweaver:

1013141842 (1)

I roasted a beef roast in the oven which made an amazing gravy (after the addition of butter and flour), mashed potatoes and green beans. A perfectly homey fall meal.

Today was a supremely lazy day. I designed a chart for Sparrow’s insulin shots, feedings and glucose readings. She has adapted to her new litter box quite well (thankfully). It is the Tidy Cats Breeze system where the urine doesn’t clump in the litter but free flows down into a separate pan.


I cross stitched, caught up on some tv shows and watched the Boston Bruins hockey game on tv. I’m a huge hockey fan for those who aren’t in the know. It’s been over 20 years and I still love it.

So ends the tale of my very first working Columbus Day holiday. Tomorrow starts a four day week at work and is capped off by the FGX International night at the Providence Bruins the minor league affiliate of the Boston Bruins. It ought to be a good week.

The Cost of Living

$100 for a new cat box that doesn’t have clumping litter and has a drainage pan to collect urine for glucose testing.

$30 for a month of glucose urine test strips.

$90 for wet and $60 for dry diabetic cat food for a month – DM brand.

Saturday during my diabetes class at the vet I get to find out how much the insulin, needles and sharps container are. I also get to learn how to give injections.

Extending Sparrow’s life?